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Into The Darkness - Signed Book

Into The Darkness - Signed Book


Trust is a dangerous thing because placing it within the wrong person can be your undoing.  She had never had to question her judgement before, but now it seemed she was doing nothing but question it.  Friends she thought loyal now seemed traitorous, longstanding bonds were badly strained and those after her blood were as bloodthirsty as ever.


As the plots of those who seek to do her harm come to fruition, it is clear that not everyone will be able to escape this time in one piece, but how can she keep Morgan's head upon his shoulders when she can't keep hers from wandering down a dark and dangerous path?


As she strays closer to damnation once again, there are few who can save her, but what happens if she doesn't want to be saved; if she sees herself as weak and the only remedy is to reclaim the life she once led, the darkness she once thrived within and obey the thirst she so desperately tried to ignore.


As the world goes to Hell, the Fallen must choose which side they will stand upon, but right now the lines between good and evil are as blurred as they have ever been, so who can be trusted?  And perhaps more pressingly; can she trust herself?


The second book within The Darkness Trilogy which will be signed by the author.

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