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"What do you write?" The questions everyone asks when they learn you are a writer, and to this day a tidy answer still eludes me. I Like to experiment with different styles and genres, so really it depends on what takes my fancy when I begin writing. My work tends not to fall into just one category either, which might be a nightmare for a publishing agent but I find it produces the most intriguing books.

My work is not brimming with archaic language, so no need for a dictionary on standby, for I have always believed that reading shouldn't be a chore. I feel people want a book they can pick up and delve straight into, something that will take them upon a journey or adventure to help them escape from mundane tedious activities like travelling home, or help them relax at the end of the day. My novels have plot, twists and a depth to both the story and the characters, but never do they insist upon being so complex and convoluted that even I lose my way. All my work contains an element of humour, even if it is dark, as I feel writing without an element of humour is missing the finer point of what it is to be alive. Another point of note is that every piece I produce has a message weaved within it, whether subtle or not, it will be there.  

It's annoying when an author says "I have always written you see", but I am afraid I fall into that trap. I didn't pop out at birth and make a start on a sonnet, but ever since I was able to write I have put my imagination to good use. It is fair to say that my early work didn't possess the finesse a writer should have, but these are skills that you acquire and develop over time and with practise. I don't have a favourite author, as like my musical taste my book choices are very varied, and just because I like one song/book doesn't mean I like the complete album/works of that individual. That is not to say that certain books have not made an impression on me. One of the first to really inspire me was Othello. Yes, that's right, 

Shakespeare, despite my hatred of archaic language. I have always enjoyed Othello, The Merchant of Venice and Romeo and Juliet. They may all seem very different, but they all follow a pattern I tend to adhere to. All have carefully crafted characters who set up the plot not have the plot set up around them, and they all possess an element of danger/peril yet retain an element of comedy even if it be dark in nature. Other influential works include The Princess Bride, which I adore, and the brilliant An Inspector Calls. 

Living within the media age means no longer is our inspiration confined to just literature. As a child of the 80's I was exposed to some of the most humorous and downright weird/eccentric TV, fashion and music to have ever been produced. Whether my lust for a hint of humour is deep rooted within this period of my life, I don't know for sure, but I guess it is feasible. Films have influenced me greatly, and obviously I am a sucker (sorry) for Vampire movies. Over the years comedies such as (Spaceballs, Robinhood Men In Tights, Oscar), silly horrors (Evil Dead Army of Darkness, Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, Trailor Park of Terror, Braindead, Dead Snow, Shaun of the Dead, Cockneys Vs Zombies), classic's (Breakfast at Tiffany's, Brief Encounter, Pride and Pred) and animé (Hellsing and Devil May Cry) have helped shape my imagination and therefore my work. Even looking at my TV choices, I see a pattern of humour and horror (The Young Ones, Buffy, Futurama, Red Dwarf, South Park, Absolutely Fabulous). My musical taste has also always been varied. Yes I love rock music, but I also like horror punk, classical, pop and Goth. 


I hate to be sat in one place too long, so maybe that explains my desire to try out new styles and genres. My home has always been in the beautiful county of Yorkshire (apart from my university days spend on the south coast), but my love to travel has always driven me to see the rest of the country as well as others. I am lucky to have found an amazing group of people who support me, and I know without their love and support I would still be writing secretively and not letting anyone else see it.

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