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From The Darkness - Signed Book

From The Darkness - Signed Book


She hated solitude, but she feared what she would become if she left its haven. Every cell in her body was craving the life she once led, the hunger was making her question her own mind and the people sent her way were trying to entice her.


With a new companion in tow she ventures back to the place she was trying to forget, to the people she was frantically trying to ignore and a lifestyle she was desperately trying to deny she enjoyed. Keeping her wits about her now was essential because too much didn’t add up and it would be too easy to fall into further damnation.


When you are a creature more powerful than any other, the only thing to fear is what you are capable of if you give into temptation; but what happens when your willpower is faltering? Do you embrace your inner demon and pay little mind to consequences, or do you seek salvation?


Paperback of the first in the Darkness Trilogy.  It will come hand signed and/or dedicated if you require.

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