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Forever More - Signed First Edition

Forever More - Signed First Edition


The course of true love never runs smooth, it has been said, but in our modern world we like to think that the archaic woes that separate true love are resigned to the past. In this contemporary love story you find they are still just as relevant today as they ever were.


Both Jess and Jussi felt love was beyond their reach, but all it took was one serendipitous moment to change their view and alter their lives forever. Together they come to realise they are not so different after all, and that maybe what they both felt was what they thought they never would.


But can true love really flourish when they come from different worlds in many respects? See through their eyes as the journey unfolds.


Reader Testimonials:


"I'm an emotional wreck now - bloody fantastic writing, didn't see the twist until it slapped me silly."  -  Adrian Haigh-Hutchinson.


"Had me glued to it over the last week, so sad and heart breaking but I really enjoyed it." -  Mairead Murrell.


"You had me from the first page and I was weeping by the last. Adore it." -  Rebecca Gamble.


You will recieve a signed paperback version of the book that can also be dedicated should you require.

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