Time keeps flying by and I hardly seem to be able to catch a breath. Lots of fun things have happened since my last update, which I will vlog about on my youtube channel so you can see the madness that has been my year. There have been lots of new events this year, and some have found their way into my diary for next year too. The biggest change is the loss of Whitby Goth Weekend. I am afraid for us it has become no longer viable for a few different reasons.


This year the DeVantier Publications crew are busier than ever, which means we are not all available at the same times. We tend to work in a crew of at least two at events, but prefer it if all four of us are on the road together for maxium fun and mayhem. The timing of April's event is not great, even if only two of us are there, and we have found that being tied in at October has meant we've missed other events we've wanted to attend. After April's event, we were booked into London Comic Con and were just blown away by it. If you know the crew, you know we are all nerds and geeks, and so were in heaven at Comic Con. I have always maintained that our events should be fun for us all. Yes, we are at work and should always be professional, but when an event starts to feel more like work and less like a mixture of the two, then it is time to move on. So we have, and I am pleased to say that the crew will be out in force in a couple of weeks for London Comic Con again. We're all HUGE Marvel fans, so to say we are looking forward to it, is putting it mildly.


Fear not, Whitby has not being removed from the diary (like that could ever happen!), I am just moving events and dates. This year I was offered the chance to take part in the Whitby Steampunk Weekend, and we adored it. I rarely get to see Whitby in the summer, but this event allows it and was excellent. Again, will vlog when I get chance. We will be back for both events next year for sure, and have something special planned for the first event in at the start of next year.


This year appears to have been mainly steampunk and comic cons, but we enjoy both so that is probably why. I have two more events in the diary booked in before my break over Christmas when I get down to the business of writing, editing and printing the final book. Yes, we have a publication date now which I am madly preparing for. As ever, take a look at my Facebook page for my events, news and gossip, and my Instagram is updated daily if you wanted to see what I am up to in between these updates.


In other news, I'm writing a blog so you can tell I am alive in between updates. It allows me to deal with facts not fiction so gives me something different to get my teeth (or fangs - all vampires here at the moment with work on Darkness

Descending and Halloween on the horizon) into. It is published every Friday evening, so if you fancy a look at that, head over to the blog button on the right of the menu bar at the top. Feel free to message me with any topics you want me to look at.


Next year is already gearing up to be hectic, and I would not have it any other way. That said, I would like to actually get a holiday booked in at some point as it has been 2 years!


As always, happy reading, take care and hopefully see you soon.










How the hell did we get to March already? They say time flies when you're having fun, but it appears it also does when you're hard at work. Thanks to the cold, wet and windy winter months, I have spent my time wrapped in blankets with my laptop trying to get the next book finished. It is taking a lot longer than I thought it would because it is a much bigger book than I expected (currently larger than From The Darkness and still not complete yet). I love the storyline, and if you thought Lu couldn't get any worse, then you are sadly mistaken. I am, however, not quite happy with the flow of the book. Most of the plot is now in place, and the general structure is there, but I am not happy with the last quarter. I'm just not quite sure it fits quite right, and so I will be focusing on this part of the book for the next few months to get it into shape. This does mean that the publishing dates for the book are going to be put back. It will be 2017 but, at the moment, I am not exactly sure in which month.


In happier news, Forever More is having a second edition. I love the book, and I feel it showcases just how emotion and love can be powerful and moving rather than all mush and no substance. It brings readers to tears, and the twists seem to really surprise everyone. Having found a supplier I am happy with, I have decided to move the production of it to them and give it a spruce up. Due to the later publication of the next book, I am releasing the second edition of Forever More in the normal publishing spot in April. This means that it will be traveling with me to Whitby for my usual appearance at Whitby Goth Weekend and, of course, I will be there to sign it for those who head over to pick up a copy.  


In other news, I have been mentioned in the newspapers due to my attendance at the local comic con last weekend. It was my first event of the year and my first ever comic con, and I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun at work. I had to face my fear and get up on stage, as I was part of an authors panel, but I managed to do it and celebrated the fact with a double Jack Daneil's and coke after. I met some lovely people, got my geek on and spent the day laughing, in short, the best day I could wish for. I was also just four tables down from a Dr Who; talk about being in good company. My next event is in a few weeks at Whitby followed by another comic con, this time in London. I have a number of events now in the works for this year, and they can all be found on my facebook events page.


I guess I had better get back to cover design, or Forever More won't be at Whitby. I am sure I will update you all after Whitby on the progress of the final book in the triology, and until then, happy reading.
















when you get the books for the first time and you see your ideas come to life, but I am over the moon with the front cover of this one.  As well as the books, I've had a poster produced, like I did for the front of the first book, and these are now available from my website shop hand signed.  


You may think I am now resting up after working 12 hour shifts most days for the last few months, but I am afraid there is no rest for me yet as I am now gearing up for my time at Whitby Goth Weekend.  After Whitby I am looking further at other events this year and of course I am throwing myself straight into the final book in the trilogy.  


The book is now available for order and will be shipped next week so you will receive it on the day of release.  I am looking forward to getting my goth on at Whitby and releasing the book upon the world.  If you can make it to Whitby next week, I am taking part in the event at the Brunswick Centre.  I shall be signing the books and posters and of course will be out drinking the town dry in the evening.  Hope to see you there if you can make it, but until then take care and of course happy reading.




A quick update to let you all know that today I recieved the bound proof of Into The Darkness and I have placed the printing order for the finished books which I hope will be with me in about two weeks.  I am over the moon with the front cover but, as always, it won't be revealed until the release date.  Let's just say that it's very striking.  


I'm busy getting stock prepared for Whitby Goth Weekend and all the travel and other arrangements that need to be in place for it.  As always, no rest for the wicked, so I'm starting to take a first look at how to take the final book in the trilogy from 50,000 words to 100,000.  I have a start and an ending but I am missing the middle.  Not sure you just want a start and ending, so luckily I have a huge box file full of ideas I need to put in.  


After working almost none stop for the last three months, not to mention burning the midnight oil most nights, I am looking forward to my time away in June in Helsinki where it shall be just me, the book and one (ok several) cranberry longdrinks.   I will update you with a video and the cover around the 20th April so see you then, take care and, of course, happy reading.




I'm not sure how we are in February already, it was only Christmas last week wasn't it?  They say time flies when you're having fun, but it feels more like there is no rest for the wicked at the moment.  Needless to say I am very busy currently trying to ensure that the next release (Into The Darkness) is available for April and the books premier at the Whitby Goth Festival.  


After losing the front cover artwork for the book towards the end of last year, thanks to my Ipad having a melt down (literally!), I am now having to reshoot the photos and edit them on top of designing the back cover, editing/proofreading and, of course, I have to pen the blurb.  I am also looking at all the events that I might like to attend this year, so more news on that will appear when I have confirmed and signed contracts.  


In other news, I have set up a YouTube channel  to help people stay up to date with what is going on via a Vlog entitled The Life of An Author which runs along side my other series How To Be An Author.  I have also posted up some playlists of the songs that I use to help me get in to the right frame of mind to write as I know that some readers find this interesting.  I don't think there are any songs on there yet that I should feel ashamed to admit I like, but I am sure some 80's big hair rock will make it onto there eventually.


On top of a YouTube series, I have also had posters of the front cover of From The Darkness printed, due to numerous requests, and I am selling these hand signed. I will add these to the online shop here but currently they are only available from my Etsy shop.  


I have had some great feedback about the last book, and apparently some people are having withdrawal symptoms from not having their fix of my work, which is a lovely compliment and makes me even more determined to ensure I get both books out for you this year.  It will not be an easy task as Into The Darkness is currently over 115,000 words and so far Darkness Descending is at the 40,000 mark, so you can see that there is a long way to go yet and that is before the editing begins.  


Hopefully the next time I update you I will have Into The Darkness back from the printers and ready for you all, but until then  take care and, of course, happy reading.




Well that was a busy summer!  After a few delays, due to supply problems, From The Darkness was released on 4th September.  Of course there was a little release party where a few friends helped me celebrate another book being released out into the world.  Never one to rest, I was already hard at work editing book 2 (Into The Darkness) and writing book 3 (Darkness Descending), work that is still ongoing.  I have also attended another event, this time at Leeds Central Library, where I met some lovely people and began to settle into meeting and greeting people.  I think I am finally getting the hang of that.


I also took part in the Whitby Goth Day celebrations and gave everyone a chance to get the first book and a few bookmarks from my bookmark range with 20% off.  Literally I had the books in my hands less than one hour before the first one was sold.


In other news, I have set up a YouTube channel where I have begun posting up video of me giving tips and advice on how to be an author.  I had the idea to do it after I had been contacted by a number of people asking me for tips and advice, so I thought why not share what I have learnt over the years.  


Later this month I am attending the Whitby Goth Festival over the Halloween weekend where I will be selling the new book and signing it.  After all these years of being a Goth I have never attended the festival, so I am really looking forward to it and of course "getting my Goth on".  After spending 4 hectic days in Whitby I will have a couple of weeks to recover and then I am out again but this time in Haworth for the Steampunk weekend where I will be again signing the latest book.  If you think all this running around socialising will stop me writing, I am happy to tell you I am sure it won't.  After 4 days in the scenic wonder that is the North Yorkshire coast being over shadowed by the grand and magnificent Whitby Abbey, I am sure that my mind will be in overdrive with inspiration, after all, it helped Bram Stoker.


This time of year I am always busy writing as there is less chance to get out into the world, or should that be less inclination thanks to the Great British weather?  Eitherway, I always find I am more productive.  Darkness Descending already has the grand total of 40,130 words, so I am confident that this will be following quickly on the heels of Into The Darkness in 2016.  Will update you all again in a few months after the Christmas holidays, so until then stay safe, happy reading and I hope you all have a wonderful festive season.




Things seem to have gone from busy to even busier here at DeVantier Publications over the last few months.  What started out as looking to trade at one event has snowballed into a number of them and the creation of a bookmark range.  Yesterday I took part in my first ever event at the Waterways Festival in Leeds.  It was a last mintue rush, as the first event was not supposed to be until 1st August and I was only asked on Wednesday to attend, but I gained a lot of insight into how these things work, how to be a trader and met some lovely people.  After the first few hours I forgot all about being nervous, and now don't see what I was so nervous about in the first place.  I am due to trade at an event at Leeds central library (1/8/2015) and I am thrilled to announce that I will be also trading at the Whitby Goth Festival over the Halloween weekend (30/10/2015 - 1/11/2015).  There are a couple of other events that are in the works but are not onfirmed as of yet, so check out my Facebook page for those events/dates.


Other developments include the creation of the Ebook version of Forever More, which now is available both within the UK and globally via your countries Amazon website, and I am excited to announce that not only will From The Darkness be published 1st August, but also the second in the series, Into The Darkness, shall hopefully (fingers crossed) have a 2015 publication date in time for the Whitby Goth Festival.


Lots still to do within the next month for the release, which includes getting it fully corrected, printed and the cover finished, but you know what they say; there's no rest for the wicked.  So until next time, happy reading and have a great summer.




With the festive period out of the way, I got to work.  The New Year is normally a time for getting things done, and boy was it here at DeVantier Publications.  I have started a working partnership with Amazon.co.uk, so now you are able to buy books direct from them using Amazon Prime.  All books come via their warehouse so will not be signed or dedicated, that is only available through my shop upon here and Etsy.  Speaking of Etsy, I now have a shop upon that site which can be found at this address www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LeesaDeVantier  


Now you might think that all this shop creating and partnership building might have affected my ability to edit, but nothing could be further from the truth.  After the lovely reception Forever More received, I was really super charged to crack on with the next project for the printers.  I seem to have spent every week, and most weekends, this winter snuggled in a duvet editing From the Darkness, and the result of all that hard work is a book that is almost ready.  It has already made it through two edits and is being looked at by my long suffering proof reader for the first edit from him.  He has made it half way through so far, and so far so good.  I am more than pleased with the book and the only thing holding me back at the moment is a front cover.  A eureka moment happened a week ago and I do believe I have an idea for it but have not put plans in motion for the production as of yet.  As there is no rest for the wicked, whilst awaiting the return of From the Darkness, I have begun the first edit of sequal Into the Darkness.  


Within the coming months I am hoping to have an international reach via Amazon, a Kindle version of Forever More available, From the Darkness at the printers and be well upon the way to having Into the Darkness ready for a Spring 2016 release.  More news when I have it, but until then; take care and enjoy the adventures your book collection takes you on.




The Forever More Release


After quietly working away on a number of projects for years, and making promises that I would at some point have work in the public domain, finally the time is nigh. For two years I have been working on a finished product, which may sound like a long time, and trust me it felt like eternity, but just as Rome wasn't built in a day, a book isn't produced overnight, unfortunately. As I set to work, learning about the business and editing and re-editing the book continuously, I began to wonder why I had been so scared of the process all these years. I was on track with production, but in November 2013 I lost my father to cancer. We may not have seen eye to eye in many respects, but he was always supportive of my desire to write. After a sabbatical, I returned to work at the beginning of the year more determined than ever to see my début appear in 2014.  


Producing work has never been my problem, my problem has always been being too much of a perfectionist with the finished product. When you create something you either blindly believe it is the greatest thing in the world, or you believe it could be improved. I always fall into the latter camp. Someone once said to me that I would never release anything because I would never be happy enough with it, well in mid September I was proud to receive the first delivery of Forever More and there is not one aspect of it that I would change. I designed the layout, in-putted all the text, designed, photographed and edited the front cover and, of course, edited, edited, edited.  


It was never the years of hard work that put me off publishing before, more peoples reaction to what I produced as, after all, no one likes a critic but everyone seems to be one. As the first readers reviews came in, I began to see that there was no reason for me to have stressed all this time because it has all been very positive.


So there we go, the first book is out for your viewing pleasure in the online store now. I would like to thank all the people who have purchased a copy so far and for your feedback, and a big thank you to those who came to have the book signed. I am busy with the editing and design of the next book (The first in the Darkness series) with the aim of a summer 2015 release, so hopefully I will have more news about that in the coming months. Take care everyone, happy reading and hopefully I can update you soon.



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