Horror is the genre I feel the most comfortable writing within. This isn't because I love guts and gore, or that I adore pain and suffering, far from it, but because it is where the most interesting monsters can be born and the most evil twist can be made. I was once accused of only writing about Vampires (I was writing the Darkness trilogy at the time), and I thought how ludicrous that generalisation was. It is true, I am quite partial to a Vampire whether that be in books, folk lore, history or a film, but it is not the only subject I have interests in within the category.


Within this genre I have been able to run riot with my imagination both in terms of characters and in plot. The hardest part of writing a horror novel, I believe, is trying to think of something original. The Darkness Trilogy is certainly a new direction in Vampire lore and J. Ripper allowed me to unleash my historical knowledge in Ripperology and my academic knowledge within Criminology to give a new twist upon a well known tale and a new suspect from the usual list.  


Of course, horror does not have to remain serious, and this is more than evident within Occupation: Vampire Hunter.

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